After more than twenty years of research in the US, it has discovered how resin formed in trees as well as a method for producing resin in saplings in plantations.

Our Biotechnology

The Agarwood inoculation technology is the only application which guarantees Agarwood formation in all resin producing  trees species. The refined, patented technology has been enhanced to increase resin production.


Our Biotechnology Team is constantly improving and innovating Agarwood inoculation technology. Only Oud is starting new applications in 2015; specially geared to production of Oud oil and Agarwood chips, we have achieved excellent results in large trees up to 20 years old.


We now harvest within two years and as early as 12 months after our technology applications. We made adjustments depending on tree evaluations, to increase resin production.

On average yields per tree in the six to nine year age range at harvest time:

  • Very high quality A grade saturated resin black and yellow chips in small amounts; 10 – 50 grams per tree

  • Medium – high quality chips; 200 – 250 grams

  • And up to a kilo of medium and low quality flakes and powder

  • 15 – 25 kilos of yellow Aquilaria wood used to extract small amounts of oil and powder for incense manufacturing.


According to the test reports from CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories, our technology is certified & accredited that it can be applied in traditional Chinese medicine formulations with up to 35% resin content.

The result also shows that it passed pesticide residue tests, quality assured.

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