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Due to the immense value of wild Agarwood, the unlawful behavior arisen from illegal deforestation has caused severe destruction to the environment. To protect our precious earth and tackle the lack of supply, Only Oud Biotechnology Co., Ltd launched the first Agarwood cultivation project in 2010.
Our R&D team consists of globally renowned experts in respective fields and collaborates with leading universities in the United States and Asia, ensuring that the stable production of oud oil is of supreme quality as well as quantity. Your success is our success. With market-leading scientific knowledge, Only Oud had evolved into a multinational corporate making Agarwood plantation commercially successful and environmentally sustainable.

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Davuth Sin

Mr. Sin Davuth is the Cambodia CEO of Only Oud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and has over 20 years experience in management role. He has worked on countless large scale projects across the globe.


After joining Only Oud, Davuth shift his focus on agriculture project, understanding the necessity to implement ecological changes in production cycle in order to generate measurable economic success.

While working with Bayon Airlines, Mr.  Sin gainedthe competence in keeping large projects on track and bring them in on time. He is a natural leader and has an amazing ability to inspire the team to achieve their highest performance. 



Agarwood Expert
Luk Pak Ming

Mr Luk is a cultural scholar; fragrance expert, traditional insense culture promoter and agarwood appraiser.

His current position are director of Fragrance Cultural Research Institute, Jiangsu Aitao Culture and Art Centre and Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum Librarian. Also, He was the director of China's Quaint Culture and Arts Exchange Centre and Jinling Hongdao Museum.

Lam Yiu Sum
Agarwood Farming Expert

Over 20 years Agarwood Farming Experience; As known as "King of Agarwood"; Passionate about agarwid treatment; Plant over 500,000 Agarwood trees in China.

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